Charlotte Olympia striped wedge genie pumps


It’s getting a little bit ridiculous now, the whole “let’s see who can make the highest wedge possible” thing that’s been going on in fashion for a while now.

Take these Charolotte Olympia wedges, for instance. Now, I rarely let a heel defeat me, and am fond of saying that anything you can do in flats, I can do in heels. But I AM scared of heights, and I’m thinking that even I would find these shoes just a little bit daunting.

Of course, Louisa Viaroma don’t actually give details about the exact height of the platform, so it could be that these are actually not quite as high as they look, with the horizontal stripes serving as an optical illusion to make them look higher. If you’d like to find out for yourself, you’re going to need quite a bit of spare cash, as these work out to around $1,060 dollars.

They’re wonderful to look at, but I think “looking” is all I’m going to be doing. What do you think?


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