RED Valentino Daisy platform sandals

Red Valentino Daisy sandals

When I first laid eyes on these shoes, I assumed they were Miu Miu: the shape, plus the quirky print is very reminiscent to the polka dot platforms they released last summer, don’t you think?

These, however, are actually by RED Valentino, and rather than dots, they have a cute little daisy print on the canvas upper. Now, $450 is a lot to pay for canvas shoes, but I really love the look of these, and given that they’re so obviously designed with hot, sunny days in mind, I’m pretty sure they’ll be reasonably hard wearing. Daisies also never fail to make me smile, and neither do pretty shoes, so that’s two more points in their favour as far as I’m concerned!

Red Valentino Daisy platform sandals, $450, Shopbop
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