Gucci chain strap Mary Jane Sandals

Gucci chain strap Mary Janes

This is the second pair of Gucci shoes I’ve shown you this month, but as soon as I laid eyes on these little beauties, I knew I’d have to feature them. The words “Mary Jane” and “chain strap” wouldn’t normally set my world on fire, because neither are particular footwear favourites of mine (and it’s very, very rare that I like a chain on a shoe), but I actually like everything about these. Mt love for the green suede upper is a given, but I’m also keen on the shape of the peep toe, the delicacy of the straps, and even the gold heel, which is another thing I ordinarily wouldn’t go for.

Would you go for these? If you would, the bad news is that you’ll need £831. The good news, however, is that you can click here to pre-order them from Nordstrom: enjoy!


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