Dune ‘Hooray’ patent slingbacks

red and black patent slingback shoes

Dune ‘Hooray’, £79

I tried the red version (of course) of these shoes on in store a few weeks ago, and almost didn’t recognise them when I spotted them on the Dune website later. Isn’t it amazing how different shoes can look in person, compared to how they look in a photo?

Of course, in person, these were still red (and black, and nude) patent slingbacks, and they still had a peep toe and a slim, stiletto heel. All of the features were exactly as you see here, in other words, but somehow the real thing was so much more stunning: a truly sexy red stiletto, and the kind of shoe that makes even an old pair of jeans (which is what I was wearing at the time, if I remember rightly) look like an outfit you’ve put some effort into. In fact, so enamoured was I that ShoeperMan had to step in and remind me of just how many pairs of red peep toes I already own. “Yes,” I argued, “But I don’t have a pair like THESE.” And, you know, I don’t. And I still think about them from time to time.

I know from recent posts here that many of you are afraid to wear red shoes, because they’re perhaps a little too “sexy” for your tastes. If that’s the case, then these probably aren’t the shoes for you: the lipstick-red colour has a real va-va-VOOM feel to it in real life, but the black or nude versions are a little tamer, while keeping the same wonderful shape.

These are £79, and you can find them here. Which colour would you go for?

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