Ravel ‘Lagoon’ red, white and black platform wedges

Ravel red white and black platform wedges

Ravel ‘Lagoon’, £80

Red, white and black is one of those colour combinations I keep coming back to again and again. Whether it’s red shoes with a black and white outfit, or all three colours in one package, like these Ravel wedges, it’s just one of those easy combinations that it’s hard to go too far wrong with, and although platform wedges aren’t for everyone, I still think these ones are a really nice example of the look.

I was actually a little surprised when I saw the brand name attached to these shoes. Not that I don’t love Ravel, of course, but simply because these are a little bit of a departure for a brand I normally associate with a slightly more classic style. The colours of these may be classic, sure, but the high white wedge, with its cut-out section in the middle, has a very modern feel to it: I’d hesitate to describe these as “edgy” (and not just because I hate that word!), but they do have a very contemporary feel to them, and would look great with a simple shift dress in any one of the three shade on the upper.

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