Office ‘Kiss Me Quick’ double bow platform sandals

kiss me quick shoes

These shoes will probably be instantly familiar to regular Shoeper readers, because they’re almost identical to a pair River Island released last year, just with a slightly higher platform.

That said, I still came very close to marking these as Shoe Kryptonite, because seriously:

Office double bow platform shoes

This particularly cocktail of colours isn’t one I’d have come up with myself, and if you were to simply describe it to me without showing me the picture, I probably wouldn’t even WANT to see the picture. But having seen it, I have to say that if it wasn’t January, and if I wasn’t broke, and if I didn’t have just a few more weeks of the Shoe Challenge left, and far too many pairs of shoes to get through in them, I would be sorely tempted by these.

As it is, I’m going to have to allow you to be tempted by them instead: they’re £75, they’re available here, and they’re selling out fast, so if you want them, you better get clicking!


  • Oh! The colored ones are so beautiful… and they still have my size. Why does it have to be January? I am not comfortable with restraint. 😉

  • Oh teh pretties!

    I’m into Office shoes a lot lately….only this morning I did a basket dance with 3 pairs that would’ve only been £30….but then I ruined it all by finding a fave pair for £38…so out went 2 pairs to make room for that one…and I obv paid more! Oops. Hopefully I get them because my email states that there is a delay between clicky clicky and actual processing. Yikes!
    *Crosses fingers* LOL!

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