Shoeper Roundup: ASOS shoes new in this week

ASOS shoes roundupASOS can always be relied upon to produce interesting footwear, and this selection is a good example of that: these aren’t all to my personal taste (in fact, some of them very much the opposite, in fact!), but they all stood out in their own way, even if it was just because of their similarity to another shoe – yes, ASOS Bitten, I am talking to you!

Of these, my favourites are the lace toecap Prime pumps shown above: I’ve actually spotted these on the feet of some of the ASOS models as they make their way down the runway, and although a lace upper isn’t something I’d normally go for (too much skin on show!), I really like these, especially for £40.

All of the shoes in the gallery can be found in the ASOS shoe section: click here to have a browse!


  • I happen to love open lace shoes, but for me that toe cap is ruining the appeal. Lace shoes are supposed to be delicate and girly, but the toe cap is too heavy. Maybe if the toe was more almond shaped and the cap was a lighter color, I’d be more into them. But for me the whole look is a bit jarring.

    Meanwhile, I love the lilac and sage low heels. They actually remind me of the glass slipper in Disney’s Cinderella. I think they had the same shape. I tend to be a go big or go home kind of girl when it comes to heels, but the fairy tale aspect makes them very appealing. And unlike with most low heels I like, I actually prefer the low heel. I think if it was higher it’d ruin the effect.

  • oh crap.

    well, here’s another shoe to add to my list of obsessions (ASOS PRIME Platform Lace Court Shoes with Toe Cap).

    :T it never ends does it?

  • The pink ones in the second row “Harmony” are very similar to a pair of Anne Klein shoes I’ve had for several years. Everything comes round again, doesn’t it!

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