Edith & Ella suede double bow pumps in green and pink

green suede shoes with bow



Edith & Ella pointed toe court shoes, £121.99


Be still, my heart!

These shoes are pretty lethal to someone like me, combining two of my biggest weaknesses: the colour green and a bow! And not just ANY old bow, either, but a fancy, double-layered, double-fabric kind of bow: my very favourite kind! They even have a pretty pink sole with butterflies on it – such a cute little detail!

With a 3.5″ heel, these are lower than the type of shoes I normally feature here, and quite a bit shorter than the kind of shoes I normally WEAR. I’m willing to overlook that small detail for shoes as pretty as these ones, though, and with lower heels becoming much more common these days, I guess it’s probably time for me to get used to them, anyway.

Don’t share my love of green? Don’t worry, these also come in hot pink:

hot pink bow shoes

pink high heels with bow on toe

These have a very ladylike, 50s-inspired feel to them, and that’s exactly how I’d wear them (Er, that’s pretty much how I wear ALL my shoes, but let’s put that fact aside for the moment…): with a full skirt, a cute little cardigan and perhaps a silk scarf or other accessory to pick up the colour of the shoes.

pink 50s style full skirt

skirt: Hell Bunny

These also come in a gorgeous baby blue shade, although Spartoo is currently only stocking the green and pink versions shown here. At least it’s one less colour to have to choose between!

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  • When I win the lottery I’m going to have my personal assistant figure out how to get all these gorgeous shoes that aren’t available in the US.

    Like you, I have major weaknesses for green and bows but 3.5 is in the upper end of what I’ll wear so these are triply exciting.

  • I knew it was going to happen… I bought a pair of pointed toe shoes last week… and now that the “wall was broken”, I can say I loooove these ones!!!!

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