Nude bow peep toe shoes from Dorothy Perkins

nude bow peep toes from Dorothy Perkins


bow on toe of shoes

Nude bow peep toe shoes, £42

Will I EVER get sick of bow peep toes, I wonder? I mean, it’s possible, of course. But it’s not exactly likely, is it? Especially when the shoes in question come in this easy-to-wear pink satin upper, which will work with everything, and make these the kind of dress shoes you’ll keep coming back to, no matter how many other, brighter pairs you find yourself buying. You can always find room in your life (If not always in your shoe closet. My own shelves have now reached maximum capacity, unfortunately. Don’t worry: I’m planning to buy a new house rather than buy less shoes…)

These are also notable for the bow itself. There are so many different types of bow out there, and so many different kinds of fabric to make them in, but Dorothy Perkins have gone for an oversized silver one here, which stretches the full width of the foot, as is made up of lots of tear-shaped metal pieces. It sounds like it should be too heavy for an evening shoe, but it actually works really well, and sets these apart from the more standard bow peep toes.

Finally, the 4″ heel and small platform should make these easy enough to dance all night in: always an important consideration when you’re buying party shoes.

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