Ted Baker ‘Luceey’ floral print satin shoes

Ted Baker Luceey floral heels

Ted Baker ‘Luceey’ floral heels, £120

It’s the first week of March, which means that spring is very much on my mind. With the approach of warmer weather comes an influx of florals, and the pretty print is starting to show up on clothes and shoes alike, almost everywhere I look.

For me, one of the best things about floral print is that they’re all so different. From colourful ditsy print to bold daisies, and everything in between, there are as many different florals as there are shoes to put them on, so when spring rolls around, we’re spoilt for choice. Of all of the different floral prints out there, however, I think the one uses on these Ted Baker ‘Luceey’ heels has to be one of my favourites – so far, anyway. The white background and pretty blue pattern makes these shoes look like fine china: they have a real delicacy to them, and although the style is also available in a more traditional floral print, I think this one is far more interesting an unusual: in fact, these come pretty close to being Shoe Kryponite for me, and I think they’d be amazing in spring/summer, with white dresses or blue jeans. Speaking of which:

what to wear with floral print shoes

What to wear with floral print shoes

sweater // skirt // necklace // bag

As I said above, I think these shoes would look great with denim (either blue or white), but because the print is so fresh and delicate looking, I wanted to pair them with something equally spring-like. This full white skirt as an amazing shape, and although any white skirt/bottoms would work with this outfit, I’m hoping to find something like this at a slightly lower price-point, because it’s just so perfect. The Miss Selfridge top, meanwhile, is also on my wish list (and is also available in white). To be totally honest, short-sleeved knits get limited use in my wardrobe, because I find that if it’s cold enough for knitwear it’s usually too cold for short sleeves, but I do love the look of them, which means I keep on buying them regardless. Ah, well…


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