Nautical anchor wedges by Miss L Fire

nautical wedges

Miss L Fire anchor wedges, $124.99

If you know me at all, you know that I love anything even vaguely “nautical”, and if it has an anchor on it, I’m probably – actually, make that definitely – going to want to buy it. It’s become a bit of a running joke in my house, to be perfectly honest.

These Miss L Fire wedges, then? Right up my street. The rope detail, the stripes, the ANCHOR: love it. They’d fit effortlessly into my summer wardrobe, and I’d probably wear them out by the end of the season, so obviously I had to feature them here. There’s just one problem, and that’s the price tag. $124 may not seem like a HUGE amount for shoes, and let’s face it, I’ve paid much more that for some pairs, but when it comes to canvas wedges, I’m a little bit cheap: mostly because I know they’re not going to last more than one summer, two if I’m lucky. I probably wouldn’t buy these, then, but if you share my love of anchors and/or stripes, well, you could do worse!

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  • I posted on FB but not sure if you’ll see it….you can get the red for around £48 on and Zalando have them for around £50 for the red, £70 for the black and I think the navy were £80 (but limited sizes)
    I’m well honed on finding Miss L Fire! LOL!

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