Bettie Page ‘Gwendolyn’ spot bow peep toes

Red polka dot bow shoes red shoes with bow

blue polka shoes

Bettie Page ‘Gwndolyn’ peep toes, $74.99

Bettie Page is one of my favourite brands for retro-inspired dresses: in fact, I paid a visit to the new Fort Lauderdale store just a few weeks ago, and may have left with a couple of new additions to my wardrobe. Well, it’s impossible not to, isn’t it?

The brand is less well known for shoes, but does sell a small number of Bettie Page branded shoes via various websites. I found these ones at, and they’re definitely a good match for the Bettie Page aesthetic, with their over-the-top-cute polka dots and bows, and in a classic red or blue colourway.

These are absolutely adorable, but perhaps just a little bit TOO cutesy for my taste. At just $79.99, though, they’re a pretty good deal: maybe even good enough that you wouldn’t have to decide between the two different colours!

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  • I like Bettie Page shoes, have got a couple of pairs. They are quite comfortable for 4 inch heels (as in, the entire night of dancing comfortable), and, which is even more impressive, they carry European size 35, something that I cannot often find.

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