ASOS Himalayas heart-print platform sandals

ASOS Himalayas heart-print platform sandals

ASOS Himalayas heart-print platform sandals, £38

The platform revival continues, and these heart-print sandals from ASOS are the latest pair of thick-soles shoes to catch my attention. In all honesty, it’s the hearts more than the shoes themselves that really appeal to me here, because heart-print is normally pure kryptonite to me, but having seen these shoes in action a couple of times now, I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve liked them. I even went as far as to add them to my ASOS wish list last week, only to end up removing them again shortly afterwards: I do really like the look of them, but it’s been years since I wore anything like them, and I don’t think they’d work particularly well with the rest of my closet, unfortunately.

A shoe that WOULD work well with a large amount of my clothing, however, is this one:

ASOS Host gold barely there sandals

ASOS ‘Host’ sandals, £38

These are called ‘Host’, and they’re a gold, barely-there style with a high heel and contrasting glitter/metallic finish. I like the fact that the heels on these are filled in: so many shoes in this style have a bare heel, but if you’d like to get this style, without having to expose your entire foot (I don’t know about you, but my heels aren’t fit to be seen much of the time), they could be a good option.


pink suede high heel sandals

Dune ‘Madeira’ sandals, £69

These baby pink suede sandals are by Dune, and are just too sweet for words, aren’t they? The heel is 4″, which is high without being ankle-breaking, and the soft suede should make these a little more comfortable than you might expect from a strappy sandal. These will work really well with so many of the brightly coloured summer dresses that around right now, and will also provide a nice contrast against black or navy.

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