Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa Lady Dragon Vii

pink Lady Dragon shoes with heart

Speaking of the Sarenza Brand Ambassador programme (have you entered the competition to join it yet?), here’s my latest pick from it: and yes, I went for ANOTHER pair of Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Lady Dragons! Well, I did say in my post about the latest collection that I probably wouldn’t be able to resist the pink version, and as they arrived on the Sarenza site at roughly the same time I was given a gift code, that prediction turned out to be a true one!

As those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook may know, I had a bit of trouble with the sizing of these. As something of a Lady Dragon addict, I was pretty sure I knew my size: I’ve had to size down with all of my other Lady Dragons, which, in my case, means going from my usual UK 4 to a size Melissa mark as a 2.5 – 3.5 UK (US 5, Eur 35/35). Those all fit me fine, so I didn’t even think about it when I ordered these, and went for the same size I always wear…

Lad Dragon heart shoes in pink

Unfortunately, as soon as the shoes arrived, I could tell they weren’t going to work out: my heel was overhanging the edge of the shoe slightly (the edge has a “lip”, which would make this more uncomfortable than it would be in regular slingbacks!), and after just five minutes of wearing them on the softa, while watching a movie, my toes were feeling the pinch. Because these shoes are plastic, I knew they wouldn’t stretch, and I also knew they’d be too tight to wear for any length of time, so I sent them back, and ordered the size up: my usual UK 4/European 37.

The replacements arrived yesterday, and are very slightly larger than I would like, although not so much so that it’ll be an issue. My conclusion is that Melissa have altered the sizing with this latest release: since getting these, I’ve re-tried all of my other pairs, and they all still fit perfectly, so it’s definitely not my feet! I have always thought there was a sizing issue with the line (there’s no way I’d ever get into a 2.5 in any other brand!), and perhaps they’ve now corrected it, although, that said, I know people who’ve always worn their regular size in these shoes without having to size down, so maybe it’s just me!

(This is why I always hesitate to give sizing advice: everyone’s experience is so different!)

(I’m also hoping they will “correct” it back to how it was with the next release: the old size 35/36 was perfect for me, but with this new release I seem to be caught between two sizes which aren’t quite right.)

Lady Dragon shoe collection

Anyway, happily for me, I was able to exchange them for another size, and I absolutely love them! These have a gold trim around the heart, which the previous releases didn’t, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of them when Spring finally comes along! On that note, I’m afraid I’m going to cheat on the Shoe Challenge and not include these in my total: these arrived in the middle of a snowstorm yesterday, and while the snow is now gone, I think I’m close enough to the end now to let myself off the hook with this one. After all, it’s not that I won’t wear them – it’s that I literally can’t wear them within the next few weeks!

These are currently available at Sarenza here, as are these, which I’m doing my best to ignore, even although I have another code which has to be used by the end of January:

(You can click here to buy them.)


  • I saw (fondled and dribbled over) those ones with the half angel wing on in Selfridges yesterday, they are really something else… And I have no rubber shoes yet. 🙂 x

  • Your new pairs are too adorable. And personally I don’t think you can have too many pairs of these shoes, Louise – so I’d go for it! Shoeperwoman, you should think about getting some of the flats, I know they’re not as exciting but they’re really really cute and so practical!

    Yup. Definitely going to give the Sarenza thing a shot…. 🙂

    • Ah, I’m just not a flats wearer, unfortunately: I only really wear them if I have to, so I think they’d be wasted on me! I’m very, very tempted by the wing versions, though!

      • I have to say, I’m not at all either and I dislike fabric flats – they always seem like such a waste of money because they fall apart so quickly. But the ultragirl shoes are stylish for flats and I’ve been surprised by them – there are some mornings when the idea of hauling myself and my bits and bobs to the station in heels is a bit much and they’ve been great for them. But yes, they’re probably the only flats I’d ever buy again really 🙂

  • I hope they haven’t made them smaller long-term – I wear the biggest size they do anyway so if those no longer fit me…no more Lady Dragons for me 🙁

    • Like I said, it might just be me – or it might just be the smallest size that’s changed? I find the size four larger than a regular 4 (and always have, even with the very first pair I ordered, and had to send back), so you might still be OK! I’m just hoping that it was a one off, though- the larger size works fine for me with these particular shoes because they’re so pale, but I think with a bolder colour my feet would look a bit cartoonish: the old sizing was perfect!

  • These are beautiful! I’d been wondering if the sizes changed recently too. I have a pair of the white winged ones, and they’re a size 38 like all my other (4?) pairs of Lady Dragons, but they do feel smaller. They still fit, but they’re not as comfy as the others. I love that Melissa is still coming out with great new versions of these shoes though!

    • Ah, I’m glad someone else has noticed! I went back for another look at mine, and the pink glitter ones, which are from the last collection, are definitely a bit smaller than the others, too. I didn’t notice it when I got them, and they’re not uncomfortable or anything, but now that I look at them again, they’re definitely smaller. I’m a bit worried that they’ve sized me out of them now!

  • These shoes are absolutly fabulous!!
    I want ask you a question if I can: do you know were I could find thoses shoes, but those with a little sphère on it? There are not on Sarenza for the moment… And I can’t find it anywhere 🙁
    Thank you so much if you ha ve some informations!!
    (and I’m sorry for my english, I’m a french shoes addict!)

  • They are pretty. But I cannot get my head around plastic shoes. Not that it matters, since they are unlikely to ever be available in Australia.

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