Shoeper Shoe Saves: What I Wore This Week

My Shoe Challenge may be over, but I’m continuing to “save” my shoes by wearing them, and am documenting the progress over on Instagram, using the hashtag #shoepershoes. You’re welcome to join me: there are no real “rules”, and the only aim is to get as much use as possible out of your shoe collection, by making sure you actually WEAR the beautiful shoes you buy, rather than allowing them to simply gather dust.

Here are the shoes I “saved” this week:

green peep toes and stripe skirt

Friday: Mellow Yellow ‘Nuevo’ peep toes c/o Sarenza

(Worn on a visit to The Cupcake Cafe – because I love cake almost as much as I love shoes!)

Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragoin Aurora

Saturday: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon ‘Aurora’ peep toes c/o Spartoo

(Worn out to dinner, and to watch the sun go down over Linlithgow Palace: outfit photos here.)

Daniel Footwear gold pumps

Sunday: Daniel Footwear gold pointed pumps (c/o)

(Outfit photos here)

yellow pointed bow shoes

Monday: ZARA yellow pointed bow shoes

ZARA red ballet flats

Tuesday: ZARA red ballet flats

Mel Pop Heart flats

Wednesday: Mel Pop Heart flats (c/o)

There’s those Primark gingham jeans, again! Can you tell they’ve been getting a lot of use lately?!

gold bow flats

Thursday: Next gold bow flats

I didn’t actually set out with the intention of documenting every single day in this project, but we’ve had a spell of nice weather the past week or so, and I’ve been taking full advantage of it, by wearing some of the clothes and shoes I know I probably won’t get much use out of once the cold weather sets in. I’m sure I’ll be in boring old boots all too soon, so I may as well enjoy my shoe collection while I can!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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