ShoeperWoman’s Week In Shoes

This post should actually have been called ‘ShoeperWoman’s Week-and-a-Bit in Shoes’, because my first shoe shot is actually from last Wednesday: leopard print pumps

Wednesday 17th: Moda in Pelle leopard print pumps*

These shoes caused me no end of trouble when I first bought them. First I ordered my usual size, you see, and they were a little too tight. So I returned them and ordered the size up, instead… which were too large. So I returned THOSE ones, and re-ordered my original size. They were still a little tighter than I’d have liked, but after wearing them around the house a couple of times, using the old “wear ’em with socks” method, they stretched to the perfect fit, and I know wear them fairly often. So I bought them no less than three times, in other words, but it was worth it in the end!

red shoes and Kate Spade bag

Monday: Primark red pumps

Excuse the quality of this photo – it was taken on my phone, and it was quite overcast outside, so it came out pretty grainy! These shoes were from Primark a couple of years ago, and I’m really impressed with how well they’ve lasted, especially given that they were only £12, and are another pair that get worn fairly often. As I said in the instagram comment accompanying this photo, I don’t know what I did without that Kate Spade handbag: I carry it all the time, and as you can see here, I quite often end up basing entire outfits around it, too!

cherry print dress and red shoes

Wednesday: Guess ‘Ansina’ peep toes

Another pair of red shoes, and another grainy photo – sorry, folks! This was the outfit I wrote about here, so I don’t have too much to say about it, other than that I’m glad the weather stayed warm enough to allow me to actually wear it !

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