Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 51: Queen of the Stone Age

What: Prada aubergine peep toes
When: Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
Where: Stone circle
With: Trench coat (eBay), skirt and sweater (not shown)

Yes, folks, I’m wearing peep toes with tights. And as you can see, the shock has damn near killed me…

These are actually the only peep toes I ever wear with tights, and it’s all because of the rosette on the toe: when I’m standing up, the peep toe isn’t all that noticeable. Even if it was, though, I left it a little too late to get these through the Shoe Challenge in bare feet, so this was really the only option!

These photos were taken at another of my favourite walking locations: I discovered this place while I was out running one day, and thought for a moment that I’d managed to run all the way back to the Stone Age. It’s actually a picnic area erected by the local council, but I bet it manages to confuse a lot of people who turn the corner and see it there!

These are, without a doubt, the most comfortable pair of stilettos I own, even although I had to go down a size in them. The fit is perfect, the leather is super-soft, and they’re just so perfectly designed that you really don’t notice the height of the heel: a miracle shoe.

They’re not going to thank me for trailing them through the muddy ground to these standing stones, though. Or for that little nick on the heel that needs to be repaired…


    • That’s such a wonderful compliment, thank you! I was one of those really, er, “unfortunate” looking kids (for want of a better word!) and went through high school making a series of unfortunate fashion choices, so modelling would’ve been then very last thing I would ever have considered – to this day I can’t look at photos of my younger self (and often my current self) without bursting out laughing 🙂

  • how much do I want your closet? Seriously. Cannot even be quantified in words. You look amazing, and fab shoes, of course!

      • Is there an AA meeting for this? I recently counted mine and came up with 12. Ups…

        Great shoes, stunning photos. I am curious how you will bring the black Louboutins in the challenge. You always get so creative with the high-price heels 🙂

  • This looks like a high-fashion shoot! You just need a more sour expression and maybe some weird props. You look great!

  • What stunning photos! Cinematic in a wonderfully ominous, yet beautiful way. And those are definitely my favourite pair of shoes of yours (that came out very wierdly grammatically, didn’t it? Sorry! Also a bit stalkerish. Sorry again!)

  • Gorgeous shoes, such an unusual colour. I’m glad they’ve been saved!
    I think the hearts on your Lady Dragons hide the peep toe sufficently for wearing with tights too – I certainly find that they do on mine. I wonder whether the hearts are smaller on yours as they are a smaller size shoe? Yes, my mind works in a peculiar way at times!

  • The photographer (Terry, I assume) is starting to get very artsy. Is he thinking about a career change? I think he could definitely do it with the most recent photo shoots.

    PS: Those are, by, far, my favorite pair of shoes you own, even despite your enviable collection of Louboutins!

  • i love your super cute combo of purple shades in the shoes and the tights…i think it is the first peeptoe/tight combo i have really loved and would emulate 🙂
    great little picnic area too
    and i am dying to know if the title of the post is also a wee nod to one of my favorite bands

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