The perfect nude Mary Jane pumps from Faith

Faith 'Chrissie' nude patent Mary janes

Faith ‘Chrissie’ nude patent Mary Janes, £45

Wow! These shoes really take me back: not too far, mind you, but back just a few years to around 2009/2010, when it seemed like shoes like these ones were absolutely everywhere. They’re not quite so common these days, which is actually a little surprising, because they’re such a versatile shoe, with their nude patent upper and Mary Jane strap. It’s definitely true that the platform sole is a little less current these days, but it’s not such a huge one as to look clunky or out-of place, and it’ll also make that stiletto heel feel easier to walk on, too.

These are by Faith, and are reasonably priced, at £45. If you’d also like a pair of flats to complete the “nude shoes” section of your shoe closet, however, I’ve also had my eye on these spiked ballet flats for a few weeks now:

nude spiked ballet flats

The style of these is very close to that of Christian Louboutin’s spiked ‘Pigalle’ flats, although the execution obviously doesn’t come close to Louboutin’s standards! Neither does the price, though, and these also come in black and grey, if you’d like to complete the collection. Speaking of black ballet flats, you could do much worse than these ones from New Look:

black ballet flats by New Look

I bought a version of these without the bow back in September, and have worn them so much I bought a second pair a few weeks ago. Having said that, the originals are still going strong, despite the amount of wear they get, so they’ve been a pretty good investment for just £14.99.  I’m very tempted by these ones, too!

P.S. If you haven’t had your fill of new shoes yet today, my high heel shoes page has lots more for you, and is updated daily: check it out here.

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