Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 52: Haunted House

What: New Look black patent platforms
When: Friday, October 8th, 2010
Where: Abandoned house
With: Miss Selfridge trench coat, Next bag (about ten years old)

I should probably begin this post by admitting that the house in these photos isn’t actually haunted. Or not that I know of, anyway. It just looks like it is, which is good enough for me: as you may have gathered from my shoe challenge set in the old mental hospital last week, I’m fascinated by old, abandoned buildings, and there’s certainly no shortage of them around here. This one is right in the middle of town, set on top of a hill in the middle of beautiful parkland, and with a view right over the centre of town and out to the hills beyond. Sadly, it’s been allowed to fall into a horrible state of disrepair, so I suspect its days are numbered…

These shoes are the sisters of the pink ones I wore back in March, and are close cousins of the navy ones I wore to death this summer. I’ve had to restrain myself from buying them in a bunch of other colours, too: I think three pairs is more than enough for one Shoeperwoman, so I’m resolutely ignoring them every time they pop up on the New Look website. Let’s just see how long that lasts.

This coat was actually free: I got it with some gift vouchers I won this Spring, and it instantly became one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I’m doing my best to get some extra wear out of it this month, before it gets too cold for trench coats altogether.

Oh, and the sunglasses are an ancient cheap pair from God knows where, which I found in the glove box of the car – once again, the weather totally changed en route to our destination! I have very light-sensitive eyes, so there are always a few pairs of sunglasses floating around my car/handbags/any house I happen to be inhabiting at the time.

I have to thank the local youths for providing graffiti that matched my outfit…

(Thanks to Terry for being my photographer again!)


  • again, great photos! You and your husband should consider selling some of these. Did you guys get a new camera recently? You’re last three photo shots just have amazing clarity!

    • Oh, thanks, he’ll be really flattered to hear that 🙂 We’ve actually had this camera since Spring – I think it’s just that the photos come out better when I have someone else to take them rather than relying on the remote!

  • I love all the photo wizardry you do with your pictures – the black and white background here, when there’s multiple Ambers in the shot, etc. Fab shoes and fab coat!

  • Helene is right, your pictures have been looking amazing lately! And btw, your coat is to die for. As usual. Grrrr! Jealous of your impeccable taste!

  • I have those shoes in pink. And I have so far succeeded in my attempt not to buy any more. So far. I can’t guarantee this success will continue! And gorgeous coat, by the way!

  • Beautiful trenchcoat, amazing photos! I like how you’re in colour on the black and white background.
    I was wondering, do you wear those high heels all the time during your walks or you change to something else? I am torn between wearing heels or flats to a short trip to germany we plan.. I love heels, but never dared to take them with me when I plan a walk.

    • Well, this wasn’t really a walk, as such – we just stopped off on the way back from somewhere else, and it’s not a huge place, so the shoes were fine. If I was planning a long walk, though, I’d wear a lower heel.

  • These are great photos! The shoes are lovely. I used to have a navy pair but they come up SO small! Did you buy yours a size bigger than your usual size?

    • Yup: I originally ordered my normal size in both these and the pink ones I have, but had to return them and size up because they were so small. These fit fine, but even in the larger size, the pink ones still pinch a little – the style must just run really small. Oddly enough, though, when I ordered the navy ones, I thought I’d be smart and size up, and when they arrived they were too big and had to be replaced with my usual size – I think it’s probably because they have a rounder toe so you have more wiggle room.

  • Oooh, lovely! I do like the style of the pictures, the pop of colour against the desaturated background is really good. My favourite is the last one, with the graffiti background, that’s such a striking image (kudos to Shoeperman). And you look gorgeous 😀

  • Fantastic coat! So cute! And I like how the backgrounds are in black and white (except the graffiti).

    I like abandoned buildings too. We have an abandoned mental hospital near where I live, it’s HUGE and so creepy. They’ve actually filmed sci-fi and horror movies there. Of course, for the mother of all of abandoned places, there are many such pictures of Chernobyl online. Creepy/horribly sad at the same time.

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