Ruby Shoesday and Shoeper Shoe Challenge #20: Hello, Sailor!

What: Red canvas slingbacks (Matalan)
When: Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
Where: Nowhere in particular
With: Criminal Damage sailor dress

I feel like I’m cheating a bit with this week’s Ruby Shoesday because I’ve worn this outfit before here, but I woke up this morning with a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold, so it was either go with something tried and tested or go with, er, my dressing gown, which is what I secretly wanted to wear.

Anyone else doing Ruby Shoesday today? What are you wearing?


  • I still enjoyed the outfit the second time around. Why have you abandoned us over at Forever Amber? We miss you!

    • To be honest, I’ve just not had much to write about at Forever Amber recently (all work and no play, basically!) and when I do post, there’s never much of a response, so I just assumed all of my readers had left me! I did write a couple of posts last week – been lacking in inspiration a bit (or, OK, a LOT) though!

  • Your readers at Forever Amber haven’t left you – well, me anyway. We’re just waiting patiently for you to come back….

    Wish I could do Ruby Tuesday every week, but I only have two pair of red shoes (for now!). And I already get comments at work because I tend to dress up more than anyone else here. Who knew striped pants, a sweater and slingback peeptoes was “fancy”?

  • I participated this week. I wore my red patent wood-heeled platform sandals, with black & gray textured wide-leg pants, and a light gray, short-sleeve baby-cable sweater, and a sheer red & white ribbon necklace, with a swirly silver charm on it, embellished with red & clear crystals.

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