Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 19 – Hold on to your hat

What: J by Jasper Conran tan peep toes (gifted)
When: Saturday, April 17, 2010
Where: Lazy Saturday at home, then visiting my parents
With: trousers (Walmart! ); tank and sailboat pendant (New Look); belt (old one of my dad’s); hat (Topshop); bag (boutique in Greece years ago)

Note to self: when it’s really windy, it’s maybe not such a great idea to wear a hat, hmm? You’ll just spend all your time trying to stop it blowing away…

Just a super-casual outfit for a lazy Saturday afternoon. This is actually a super-cheap outfit too: the shoes were a gift from my parents  (And are one of a LOT of pairs of tan coloured peep toes I own, just to warn you in advance. This style and colour is pretty much my summer staple), the trousers were from Walmart, of all places, the belt is one of my dad’s, the tank and necklace are cheapies and the hat WOULD have been the most expensive item of the lot, but I bought it with gift vouchers, so it was tehnically free! Only the bag wasn’t a budget buy, but I got it in Greece years ago and just rediscovered it last weekend when I switching over my closests, so it FEELS like a freebie, even although it wasn’t. I love it when that happens!


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