Shoe Save # 70/81: Landmark Moment

French Connection nude pumps

SHOES: French Conection ‘Janessa’ pumps, c/o Spartoo
SAVED: Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
WITH: Trousers and cardigan, H&M; sweater, Zara; watch

As you can probably tell, I’m using the holiday season, and the extra time it brings me, as an excuse to get through as many shoe saves as I possibly can, which is why you’re getting bombarded with Shoe Challenge posts this week: sorry! This flood of posts has, however, allowed me to reach the landmark of Shoe Save # 70, so hooray, and also THANK GOD for that! (This time last year, I was only five pairs of shoes away from the end: this year I still have 11 pairs to go and, er, one pair on the way: aaargh!)

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I continued with my “dull but useful streak”, courtesy of French Connection’s ‘Janessa’:

French Connection Janessa

There’s not much to say about these shoes, other than that I bought my usual size, and they’re just a tiny bit bigger than I’d ideally like. A half-size down would be ideal here: I can tell that a full size smaller would be too tight, but sadly, these weren’t available in a 3.5, so I’ll just settle for insoles instead. Oh, and if you’re worrying about my cold ankles: a) that’s really sweet of you and b) so was I, which is why I added some deeply un-sexy sheer pop socks when I went out. They were warm enough for the type of door-car-door excursions I’m taking right now, but, yeah, I absolutely refuse to wear pop socks on my blog.

And on that note, I bid you adieu: onto the next challenge!

(Oh, P.S. I wrote about the rest of the outfit over on Forever Amber yesterday, so click here if you’re bored and want to read my ramblings about a pair of checked pants…)


  • Time difference is bad – and I only got to see your fantastic coat today, but then I didn’t leave a comment, so I will say it now: fantastic coat, congratulations!
    This shoe save now is also great – I loved the whole outfit and again, as usual, the amazing hair style! But just remembered that last year you had 77 ? pairs of shoes, not 81, so it’s fine to have a bit more to save now! And you’ll make it, I’m sure!

    • I know, I’m now REALLY wishing I hadn’t bought so many shoes this year (and I got rid of some of last year’s pairs, too, so technically it should’ve been EASIER this year, not harder!). Still, I’ve managed to get quite a few out of the way this week, and will hopefully be able to save more over Christmas – the holidays definitely provide a lot of shoe-wearing opportunities!

  • I had to go Google what the heck pop socks are and figured that if they were sheer I’m sure we wouldn’t have even noticed! Although I totally get their unsexiness – my mum wears them.

    In other news, you look awesome in granddad pants. That’s a compliment.

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