Shoe Review: Menbur ‘Pisum Ot’ spots n’ stripes peep toes in pink

Pink high heel shoes with bow

pink shoes with stripes and polka dots

Pink platform peep toe shoes

Pink polka dot bow on toe of shoe

These shoes arrived a couple of days before I left for my vacation, and I only had time to post a quick iPhone photo in the shoe forum, so here they are again, in all their glory!

These are by Menbur, and they were my Sarenza Brand Ambassador* pick for May. Some of you may remember my original post about these, in which I debated whether I liked the pink or navy version best. As you can see, despite my huge love of navy, I decided to go for the pink version, and I’m glad I did: I’m not really a huge pink wearer, and only the palest shades really work on me, but I think these are close enough to “skin toned” on me for me to be able to wear them in much the same way as I would wear a “nude” pair: i.e., with everything.

(Or almost, everything, anyway: so far it’s rained constantly since I’ve been home, so I haven’t been able to wear them outdoors AT ALL, because of the satin uppers. I have worn them in front of the TV, though, and spent more time looking at the shoes than at the set, so that’s always a good sign…)

This is my first experience of Menbur as a brand, and so far I’m impressed: the shoes are well made and comfortable to wear, with a padded insole and high quality fabric on the upper. I ordered my usual size, and they fit perfectly, so no issues there. Most of all, though, I just love the combination of spots, stripes and bows: three of my very favourite things, all in one shoe – how could I fail to love them?

SHOES: Menbur ‘Pisum Ot’, £100.70 at Sarenza
Click here to buy them

pink high heels

* These shoes were purchased using a gift code provided by Sarenza as part of their Brand Ambassador programme. All opinions are my own.


  • I followed your link to buy these and they only have one pair left!…not in my size! Do you know of another place to buy these?
    Thanx for your time.

    • I’m selling my unworn pair of size EU40 if you’re interested? Would have to pay for postage from Australia though so might be prohibitive!

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