New Shoes! Black and white polka dot flip flops

I didn’t include flip-flops in my Shoe Challenge because, well, they’re not really much of a challenge, are they? For me, flip-flops don’t really fall into the category of shoes-you-build-outfits-around. They’re just the shoes you wear to the beach, or while you’re slobbing out at home: no challenge, and not a whole lot of fun, either.

Or so I thought.

Then I walked into a surf shop in Cocoa Beach, and discovered these little black and white flip-flops waiting to be bought. And when you see what I happened to be wearing that day, you may just understand why I couldn’t resist them:

(Quick disclaimer: I had the camera on the wrong setting that day, and didn’t realise until I’d taken these, so apologies for the blurry photos.)

Now, I have to say, I’m not usually in the habit of matching my swimsuit to my shoes, but I decided to make an exception in this case. You all know what a sucker I am for polka dots:

No, I didn’t actually surf on it, although I did have a quick go, and ended up swallowing half of the Atlantic ocean. The rest of the time, I stuck to swimming, and to my comparatively safety body board…

Out-take: here I am, discovering that the camera has been on the wrong setting the whole time, and wondering why it wasn’t responding to the remote… then it did:

“What the…?”


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