Ruby Shoesday # 16: After the Rain

(New Look trench coat, H&M stripe tunic, Zara leggings, Accessorize scarf, New Look red patent flats)

Just a couple of quick photos for today’s Ruby Shoesday: I’ve called this one “After the Rain”, but it would’ve been more accurate to call it “Before, During and After the Rain”, because the weather was alternating between torrential rain, complete with hailstones, and little bursts of sunshine, so we ended up heading home sooner than expected. Poor Rubin was NOT happy to have his walk cut short, let me tell you!

Unusually for me, I’m wearing flats today – these were the only red shoes I reckoned would stand up to the weather reasonably well!

I’ve said before that these transitional times of year are the hardest for me in terms of dressing. It’s not quite warm enough for bare legs any more, but I’m reluctant to break out the tights just yet – and most of my winter clothes are still in storage in the attic right now, which limits my choices rather! When these times of year roll around, I normally fall back on my trusty old trench coats: I’m almost as obsessed with trench coats as I am with shoes, and just can’t seem to stop myself buying them – in fact, I bought one last weekend. Whoops.

Naturally, of course, the sun came out again as soon as we got home. Ah, well…

(Thanks to Terry for the photos!)


  • Great outfit as usual, and my favorite picture was the last one – gorgeous smile and gorgeous scarf as well! The flats are sweeeeet, I love red and patent leather! To be “in” the Ruby shoesday I “declare” that this morning I got a wonderful pair of red Chinese Laundry platforms! (Will wear it soon in the UK next week, can’t wait! You know… 🙂 Guess what, buying 4,5 (my size, but I never find, then I always have to buy 5 – but this time they had 4,5!!!) would have cost 60 euros. Buying 5 cost 25 euros. What do you think I did… insoles, of course.
    Your trench coat is really beautiful, looks so elegant! Did you find the pair of jeans you were looking for so much? I hope so!

    • Oh, the shoes sound fab! I really wish more stores would stock half sizes – I think I’d be better off in a 4.5 a lot of the time too, but it’s so hard to find!

      And yes, I did manage to find a pair of jeans in the end! I got the petite version of the Topshop ones I’d been wearing, and they’re a much better fit (still not quite perfect, but they’ll do!)

        • Wow! At first I thought I was a “weirdo”, with non-existing 4,5 – and now I see how many also wear just like me! 🙂 Or could wear, if it existed… 🙁
          @ Amber: glad you found your jeans!

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