69 pairs of shoes and counting…

Some of you have already started to count and photograph your shoe collections in preparation for the start of the next challenge, so I figured it was time for me to do mine too!

I also took the opportunity to have a bit of a purge, and got rid of a few pairs which either didn’t fit as well as I’d like, or which I’d just gone off since “rescuing” them as part of the last challenge. The upshot is that my current collection stands at 69 pairs of shoes and boots, although I have to be honest: I don’t expect it to remain at that number for too long…

What I didn’t include:

  • Running shoes
  • Wellies (or my equivalent of, anway…)
  • Flip flops and a couple of pairs of worn-out canvas flats that are only ever worn on holiday
  • My wedding shoes

Everything else is pictured above (although I’m actually sitting in front of a few pairs, so you can’t actually see themΒ – d’oh!): let’s just see how that collection changes in the course of the next year!

I’ll be posting photos of the other participants’ collections on the first day of the Shoe Challenge, so if you’re taking part, either post a photo on your blog or email it to shoepershoechallenge @gmail.com to be included!


  • I’m studing a plan for my “collection photo”…this plan inclunded a way to expose all them in my smaaaaaaal room πŸ˜€ eheh


  • I’m probably not going to enter into the shoe challenge but can I just say I’m so glad you’ve posted your babies…I mean shoe collection. I’ve seen a few other peoples and they seem to be around the 20-30 pairs mark….which made me worry that maybe I did have too many shoes and that maybe hubs had a point.

    However, your collection has now made me feel justified again….I think I’m around the 60+ mark too. That’s not too many is it?!?!

      • I know I should disagree with you, but I just can’t! I’m nearing my 100 mark as we speak (I never have an exact count of my shoes because I have three sisters and our shoes often exchange hands- and in some cases never get exchanged back). But I think with the two pairs of shoes I bought online today (don’t judge me!) I’ve officially hit the 100 mark.

        Although, I do count sneakers as I am not a runner and wear my sneakers like any other pair of shoes. Chef shoes and flip flops don’t count for me. And I only have two pairs of wellies and I’ve worn both within the past week and a half so I doubt I’ll have to worry about them for the challenge!

  • I am waiting on another pair to come, I’ll stop buying when they come and take a photo of my collection ^^ Btw you have SO many beautiful pairs of shoes πŸ˜›

  • I love this photo – good Rubin-age as well! Did you get rid of your Office Love Me Tender shoes, I can’t see those in the photo. Or are they the ones that are hidden behind you?

  • I have 723 pairs high heels, no heels are under 9 cm. 9 cm heels is “sneakers” for me.. Nice pic, I love your vivienne westwood shoes whit hearts! xoxo Hurt

  • A great pic! The shoes are all lovely. I have just counted mine -28- and am sending my pic in. I have to say, my shoes are not much compared to what most may have. If anything, this challenge is inspiring me to get some more stylish shoes and wear more than just the ‘everyday’ shoes. I do hope it is okay that I have included my ‘everyday’ shoes.

    • Yes, of course, you can include anything you like! I didn’t include things like sneakers and wellies etc because I only ever wear those types of shoes for a particular purpose (working out, digging snow, etc πŸ™‚ but everyone has different lifestyles and tastes, so the greater the variety the better, I think!

    • He’s absolutely filthy in this photo – he’d just been for a long walk, and got mud and twigs all over him! He had a haircut yesterday, though, so he’s looking much cuter now!

  • I’m from Brazil and I noticed you have 2 Melissa high heels there πŸ™‚
    Is so nice to see I’m not alone in this addiction!
    I’m taking this challenge!

  • Impressive collection! I noticed that you have Louboutins in your arsenal too! You are officially my hero :-). I will be posting my collection tommorow.

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