Shoe Challenge: Open Thread

Hi everyone!

The comments on my original Shoe Challenge post are starting to get out of control, so while you should still comment on that post if you’re signing up for the challenge, I thought I’d create another one where you can ask questions, request help or just chat about anything else regarding the challenge (or shoes in general, if you like!).

A couple of things from me first:

1. IΒ updated the Participants List this morning, and we now have 67 confirmed members: wow! The blog template doesn’t allow comments on that page for some reason, so if I’ve made any mistakes, or you want to update your shoe total or something, just comment here and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

2. Those of you who are blogging the challenge – can you make sure you’re displaying the Shoe Challenge badge, or at least linking back in some way? I’ve noticed that quite a few of you seem to be having problems installing the badge, or have just uploaded it as an image, with no link: if you’re having difficulties, just leave me a comment and Terry will be happy to help you get it fixed!

3. Non-bloggers – if you’re emailing/commenting with shoe counts, photos etc, could you also tell me which number you are on the list of participants: I’ve noticed we have a couple of similar names, and some of you comment under different names from the ones on your emails, so it’ll just help me keep track of who’s who!

4. Twitter – sorry to keep going on about this, but I’ve noticed that people are still sending me @ mentions on Twitter with photos of shoes etc. As I said, it’s absolutely fine to post your photos on Twitter if you just want to share with your friends etc, but I very rarely use Twitter (When I do, I normally use my @foreveramber account – the @shoeperwoman one just publishes automated tweets when the blog is updated), so I won’t be checking there for photos/shoe counts etc, which means you will also have to either email or blog the photos to make sure I see them!

Thats’ it from me: comment away!


    • I was feeling like that, but now I’m just glad it didn’t start this week because I’m choked with the cold: cue lots of photos of me with a bright red nose and crumpled tissues in the background, lol!

  • I think one of the problems with the badge might have occurred due to infamous font size of the browser, if people where just copying text. When I was trying to put the badge up it didn’t occur on the site, only then I noticed that some code was simply missing.
    Ctrl+A and not selecting text with the mouse πŸ™‚

  • So, I noticed you wrote that many participants will still count their shoe collection – TBC – and this is valid for me too… Well, I’m trying to figure out what to do in order to count my collection, cause I explained I travel a lot and have two apartments… so, here’s the best I can do now, hopefully you still accpet me: 1) The collection in one apartment won’t play a role now, cause I just left the country and have no plans about when I will be back there, since it’s very far…; 2) Because of my final exams, my suitcase came packed with more than 25 books and believe me or not, I could only bring 2 pairs of shoes to the UK… but I have already bought some here! 3) I will leave with around 10 pairs to study for a month or so in France and these pairs I promise to photograph – I will only wear these pairs the whole month long, after the challenge starts; 4) And then I will finally reach the reeeeal collection on March 15, when I will then start counting for good and again, I promise to send you pics of my closet. Is that fine? Better than that I can’t do now… sorry!

  • Is the ShoeperChallenge Bagde correctly viewed on my homepage? πŸ˜€
    At the moment I correctly can view and clic it from my computer (but I’m using a mac..) πŸ˜€


  • I had a bit of trouble putting up the badge because blogger did something weird to the code, but I managed to work it out in the end, though it still tries to put blogger in front of the shoeperwoman url. Soo weird.

    • I don’t use Blogger, and all of their templates are different, so it’s a bit hard to know without actually seeing your code, but you would just post it in the sidebar, however you added the code for the Google Friend Connect widget, and the adverts?

  • I imagine a bunch of you are also on twitter. While we aren’t supposed to submit photos that way, it might be a nice way to talk about the challenge! I’ve started using the hashtag #shoepershoechallenge when posting about the challenge. Perhaps we could also get a list going of everyone’s twitter names? Or we could just include them in our comments? I’m @shinyandrea. πŸ™‚ I tweet too much.

  • I sent my collection photo to you before you set up the gmail account specifically for the shoe challenge. I hope you got it. πŸ™‚

  • Hey Amber, just noticed that my blog link is missing a T from internet. Also my count is 13 (at the minute!)

    Apart from that I’m excited to get started. (and buy more shoes, I think I’m most excited about that!)

  • I’m really looking forward to this ^^ OH and I bought another pair… I’ll stop now, but it brings my total up to 9 (=^-^=) I’ll do a total collection photo over the weekend πŸ™‚

  • Just thought I would let you know that I resisted buying a lovely pair of peep toes the other day from Dune that were on sale and fit right because I couldn’t think of an outfit I would wear them with … the shoe challenge is helping already! Thank you Amber!

    • Ah, that’s good to hear! That’s what happened to me last year, too – I still bought shoes (obviously!), but I bought much less that I would have because it really forced me to think about whether or not I’d wear them. Glad it’s having an effect already πŸ™‚

    • HAve you emailed the link to me? Sorry to be a pain, but I need all updates/pics etc to be sent by email – if I have to check lots of different comment threads, I’m likely to miss someone out!

  • Hi! My presentation post with the collective photo is on my blog!! I count 65 pair of shoes to join this adventure ;D


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