Making the Shoe Challenge harder on myself…

I had planned to make the next Shoe Challenge a little easier on myself. “I’ll get rid of a few pairs of shoes before it starts,” I told myself. “Then I’ll just make sure I don’t buy any new pairs until it’s over.”

Then the very next day, I walked into River Island and was confronted by these babies:

There was never really any chance of me not buying them, was there? I mean, can you believe I didn’t already own a pair of shoes in this colour? Me neither. And although I had actually noticed these shoes on the River Island website, the colour on my monitor didn’t look anything like the colour in real life, so I’d probably have passed them by if I hadn’t decided to just pop into the store on the off chance. It was fate, in other words. Fate.

In terms of the fit and comfort, I got these in my usual size, which fits perfectly, so I’d say they’re fairly true to size. I always shy away from declaring shoes to be “comfortable” or otherwise, because comfort is such a subjective thing (and has more to do with the shape of your feet and what you’re used to than the shoes themselves), but another woman was trying a pair on as I was buying these, and as she walked around in them, she looked at me and said “Wow, these shoes are so comfortable, aren’t they?”, which I had to concur with. For myself, I wore them on Saturday, on a night out to celebrate a friend’s birthday: the bar we were in was absolutely packed, so I ended up standing up all night, and these only started to pinch a little towards the end of the night, which I thought was fairly good going for several hours of standing up in heels.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of new shoes:

Of COURSE I bought those polka dot bow shoes I wrote about earlier this month. Did you really expect anything else of me?

I had some reservations about these shoes when I ordered them, purely because of the canvas uppers, but they all melted away as soon I opened the box, because they’re just plain adorable.

I took advantage of the fact that Next does some shoes in half sizes, and ordered these in a 4.5, which is a half-size larger than I usually wear. The fit is fine, but I could probably have gotten away with the 4 too, as they’re just very slightly looser around the heel than I’d like. I decided against exchanging them because a) I’m lazy and b) I’ll be mostly wearing them in the summer, when it’ll (hopefully) be a little warmer, so at least these will give me a little room if my feet decide to swell in the heat. That was a lovely mental image to leave you with, wasn’t it?

These are the latest two additions to my Shoe Challenge, then, although, in my defence, I have had a bit of a purge, so my total will be slightly less than it was for the last challenge – more on that tomorrow, though!

P.S. Speaking of the Shoe Challenge, a quick reminder: I’ve noticed a few of you posting shoe collection photos/counts etc on Facebook and Twitter. That’s obviously absolutely fine if you’re just doing it to share it with your friends lists, but if you want the images to be included in the roundups, can you also make sure you email them to shoepershoechallenge, or post them on your blog if you’re blogging the challenge? As we have over 50 participants now (yay!) I think it’ll get very confusing very quickly if I have to check Facebook and Twitter, as well as the email account and blog comments for entries, so I’m trying to keep everything in one place as much as possible. Thanks!


  • Ooooooo both shoes are absolutely gorgeous!! I love that second pair, I would totally buy them too!! But once the Shoe Challenge kicks off, I am going to try not to buy any new pairs till Summer!!

    Kitty x

  • I was just looking at those river island shoes. They’re a very different lovely colour. My wallet (aka fiancé) wouldn’t let me buy any though. I just like to tease myself.

    I am tempted to buy the new look equivalent of those red spot courts through. But I’m thinking some summery wedges would be better.

  • Those green ones are to die for… I absolutely love that colour! Of course, I would die in those heels in 20 minutes or so. 🙂

  • I simply loved both of them! But I must order them, instead of going to the store… can you believe I’m now in such a small city (although in “my beloved UK”) and there isn’t any – yes, I wrote so – any shoe store here? Just incredible… but I’m “surviving” thanks to online orders!

  • I tried on the River Island pair today! But unfortunately as I need to buy a new pair of boots I had to resist. It really took all of my willpower though!!

  • Wonderful shoes, super great choice! I’ll probably buy the polkas ones before this evening is ended…ahhahaha My last pair till ShoeperChallenge debut!


  • I was swithering over the Next ones but resisted, need to check out the New Look versions although I have just bought these and these and maybe these too;+boots~txteden not much variety going on! Think I might return the KG’s.
    Love the River Island shoes but me and slingbacks do not get along!

  • ooohhhhh myyyy….the sea-green ones are BEAUTIFUL ….don’t blame you at all for buying them and breaking the promise. The Polka ones are very pretty aswell…

  • Oooh, you bought the polkas!!! Hurray! I would love to participate, but I have about seven pairs of shoes, all which get worn all the time… so really, not much point.

  • Oh goodness, both pairs are so wonderful!
    I think I will be taking part in the shoe challenge too, and am already having a hard time thinking what pair of shoes I will throw out in order to be able to buy a few new Iron Fist pairs I’ve had my eyes on *sigh*

  • Both pairs are adorable, and I guess I will be on my way to River Island this Saturday!

    I confess I AM guilty of publishing my shoe collection on twitter but it’s only because it’s not ready yet! I was just so *shocked* to see all this amout of shoes together, I had to share.. they still lay around in the livingroom because I have absolutely no time during the week to do anything with them, but I’m surely will post about them on my blog with a beautiful portrait of all the bunch together ))

    • Oh, there’s no problem with sharing the photos on Twitter etc if you want to! I just meant that I won’t be checking there for photos/updates, etc, so if you’re posting them there, you’ll have to also email or blog them so I definitely see them. Also, some people were trying to sign up for the challenge on Twitter, which makes things confusing for me because it means I have to check Twitter, Facebook, blog comments and my email for new members – much easier to try and keep it all in one place if possible 🙂

  • I saw these in my local River Island window the other day and turned to my friend and said ‘I bet Amber will have bought these within the week.’
    Then I realised my friend didn’t know who ‘Amber’ was.
    Actually I realised that I had mentioned your name a few times when buying shoes, eg: ‘I saw these on Shoeperwoman’ or ‘I’m so jealous of Amber for having these’
    I think she thinks you’re my Fairy Shoemother or something.
    I will have to get her to start following you!

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