Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 75: The End

What: Pink satin platforms from Dune
When: Sunday, January 23rd, 2011
Where: Out to dinner to celebrate the end of the shoe challenge!
With: Black ASOS dress

I did it! I completed my year-long Shoe Challenge, and with a few days to spare, too!

I’m going to be writing a longer, wrap-up post about the challenge later this week, but for now here are some photos of the final pair of shoes: my pink satin Dune platforms:

I figured I may as well end the Shoe Challenge with a bit of a bang, so I put on my favourite dress, piled up my hair (I’m trying to see how big I can make it: just give me a few months and I’ll have to duck to get through that doorway) and… well, was completely overdressed for the occasion. Still, it seemed wrong to see out the challenge in jeans, somehow, so overdressed it was.

I also apparently celebrated the end of the Shoe Challenge by dancing like Michael Jackson. Huh.

It wouldn’t be a shoe challenge without a sneaky appearance from Rubin…

And there you have it, folks: 75 pairs of shoes, duly “rescued”! (And that’s not counting the ones that fell victim to my one-in, one-out scheme, which I may or may not continue with now that the challenge is over. I shudder to think how many pairs of shoes I’d have had to get through if a bunch of them hadn’t gone to charity – or to the great shoe store in the sky!) Wow, I can hardly believe I’m done!

Wrap-up post coming later this week!

(P.S. I added a Google Friends Connect widget to the sidebar, but because it’s new – or perhaps because no one wants to follow me – it’s looking a bit pathetic, so if you want to follow, I’d be forever grateful!)


  • I will miss the shoe challenge so much, I really enjoyed it!
    Congratulations on saving all those beautiful shoes 🙂

    How did you create the effect on the first pics, with the pink colour accent?

  • oh congratulations on ending the shoe challenge!:) what a pretty dress!

    btw I was wondering, which pairs did you get rid of during the year? and how many pairs did you let go through the one-in-one-out system?:) I would like to adopt this system as well but I wouldn’t know which ones to part with!

  • Hey Amber,

    I’ve been reading for a while now, and thought now would be a good time to comment for the first time!

    I can’t even remember how I came across the site ( most likely searching for my newest show obsession when I should have been working!) but I for sucked in pretty fast!

    The more unread the more I said to myself ‘yup, that’s me’, ‘yup I’ve got them’, ‘yup, those are gorgeous’, then I went to Forever Amber and things clicked!

    I live in Aberdeen, i’m a features writer, and i’m so chuffed to find a Scottish blogger! Who loves shoes! And hates snow! And has a super cute pooch!

    Congrats on the Shoe challenge!! I’m celebrating finally getting my dream pair of White Viv Westwood Lady Dragons with red heart 😀 ( got them on sale on the nordstrom website!!! Boost!

  • Sorry for “disappearing” for some days! I just unpacked my things – and hey, it’s cold, but not snowing!
    Congratulations, I am sooo happy to see you completed it – the challenge! Well, I always told you I had no doubt you would! I just have one question: you bought the Ediva shoes, but still the number of pairs was 75, like another reader mentioned. So you got rid of one pair or are we confused? Just don’t know…
    Well, the pictures are lovely, fantastic dress and model’s figure and the shoes just my dream – I’m looking for a pink pair just like that for ages…!
    Can’t believe, my suitcase came full of books, and I could only bring 2 pair of shoes… tomorrow I must go out to buy some more… great!

    • No, as I said in the post, I’d been using a one-in, one-out system, so I got rid of shoes as the challenge went on, which meant that the total number of shoes didn’t increase…

  • Well done for finishing!
    I’ve following the challenge since you started, and, believe it or not, was actually getting a bit tense as January 26th loomed and you still hadn’t worn them all!
    Call it empathy.

  • Congratulations! I’ve been reading this blog since you first started the challenge. So lovely to see you go through it all and complete it! I can conclude from this challenge that you have a fabulous shoe collection! 😀

  • Dear Amber,
    this was a very inspiring challenge, thank you for undertaking such a task on behalf of those of us poor of shoe and boot! I’ve waited for every next post with bated breath.
    I’m going to try to apply the same challenge to my meager collection shoe this year, although, this is no mean feat, since currently it’s “do not go outside” weather and I spend most of my time in a blanket and house slippers ( and the cobble stones in front of our door are deadly for any heel (and ankle). Oh, shut it, Yulia.

    Thank you again, though:)

  • Congratulations on finishing the challenge! Your pictures and shoes are all gorgeous, and I love the hot pink to finish with flair. 🙂

  • Congrats on finishing! What a great pair to finish with!
    I’m a sort of new reader, and you’re really inspired me to go in to my closet and use all the shoes I’ve bought over the years because I never had anything to match the shoes I bought (I tend to like over the top shoes) or couldn’t find an opportunity to wear them. That’s going to end now!

    • I kind of had the opposite problem – I found the OTT shoes relatively easy to wear, but I have a habit of buying multiple versions of the simpler styles I like (loads of pairs of tan peep toes!), which meant I had to work my way through a lot of shoes that looked more or less the same!

      • I’m guilty of that too! I also tend to buy different colors of the over the top ones! I’ve started organizing them so I can start wearing them/figuring outfits to wear them with

  • Oh..the end of the challenge, it’s finally arrived…sniff ç_ç
    These platforms are amazing, wonderful fuchsia, I’m fall in love with them ^_^!!!
    I love this hairdo, could you make a tutorial for us?? *O*



    • Well, it’s a blog about shoes, so I think a hair tutorial would be a bit out of place, and I don’t think I’d be the best person to write one anyway, because I’m far from a hair expert – I just play around with it until it looks roughly the way I want it to and am probably doing it “wrong” way! It’s just a really high bun, backcombed a bit for volume 🙂

  • Congratulations on saving all the shoes! The pink satin is beautiful, glad you finished it with a bang!
    No more shoe challenge posts though, that makes me a bit sad:(
    You finishing the challenge has inspired me to actually restart the challenge and stick to it this time. I’m thinking of starting it next week once I’m done with finals.

    • I actually changed my mind about doing another challenge – I was adamant I wouldn’t do it again, but I’ve had a lot of emails etc about it, so I’m going to be starting another one soon, and trying to get as many people involved as possible: will post about it soon!

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