Jimmy Choo Marlene feather and suede sandals

Purple and blue feathered sandals by Jimmy Choo

Well, it looks like I’m going to have to take back that whole “not a huge Jimmy Choo” fan thing, doesn’t it? And maybe also the whole “not a big fan of feathers” thing, too. And to be honest, feathers are probably never going to be my favourite fashion accessories: I know they can be amazingly glamorous, but, well ,let’s just say I probably shouldn’t have watched The Birds that time…

These feathers, however, could convert even me, and they gave these shoes instant “wow” factor as I was scrolling through Net-a-Porter yesterday morning. The combination of petrol blue and bright purple is truly stunning, and the whole effect is just over-the-top-amazing, don’t you think? They’re theatrical, glamorous, and… I’m gushing now, aren’t I? OK, I’ll stop. I’ll just add that these are $1,195 (which is another reason why I’m not keen on feathered fashion: I always think I’d find it much easier to ruin feathers than I would most other fabrics, which makes me reluctant to spend a lot of money on an outfit featuring them!) at Net-a-Porter, and while we’re on the subject of Jimmy Choo, I may as well show you these, too:

Zebra print shoes by Jimmy ChooOnce again, these are exactly the kind of thing I wouldn’t expect to like if you were to just describe them to me without showing me them. I mean, zebra print, flowers, woven ankle straps? It all just sounds too much, doesn’t it? Having seen them, though, all I can think is how beautiful they are… and how expensive, too, at $1,795.

These are also available at Net-a-Porter: what do you think of them?


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