Blue platform sandals from Matalan

blue-platform-sandalsThere seems to be a lot of bright blue around in the shoe world right now, and that’s just fine by me, because summertime always makes me start craving bright colours, even when the weather is grey. Or perhaps because of it.

These blue platforms are from Matalan, and are only £14.  For that price, you wouldn’t expect these to be leather, and you’d be right – they have a textile upper, but going by the picture alone, I think they look like they cost more than £14. As for what they’ll look like in real life, well, hopefully I’ll find out on my next shopping trip. As for you, if you want to buy these you may need to schedule a trip of your own, because the size 3 is the only size currently available on the website, so you’ll need to have a look for them in-store.

BUY: Blue platform sandals, £14


  • I’ve seen these in the shop and was tempted but talked myself out of buying them on the basis of already owning a pair of blue shoes I never wear! They are very nice though and not at all cheap looking.

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