Shoe Save # 56/79: Bootie Call

blue polka dot dress and red boots

WHAT: Dorothy Perkins red booties
WHEN: Saturday, November 12,2011
WITH: Topshop dress

When I was writing the title of this post, my main thought (other than a Beavis & Butthead-style chuckle at the “bootie call” pun, obviously) was, “Pair number 56? Seriously? I’m still only in the FIFTIES?” Yes, folks, we’ve reached that stage of the Shoe Challenge: the stage where I feel like I’ve been doing this FOREVER, but there’s still a long, long way to go. In retrospect, I probably should have had a slightly longer breaker between Shoe Challenge One and Shoe Challenge Two, but what can I say, I’ve always been a glutton for punishment…

polka dot dress

These shoes were from the Dorothy Perkins sale a couple of years ago, and because I still haven’t found what I’m looking for a pair of red knee boots, I wear these instead, to allow me to continue with my red shoe obsession all the way through winter. The dress, meanwhile, was actually from the Topshop Tall range this summer, which makes the shortness of it even more suprising. (I’m just under 5’4″ and bought this thinking that as it’s designed for much taller women, it would probably hit just above the knee: no such luck!) This was actually the first time I’d worn it since I bought it, because it was just too short for bare legs: one of the few times I was actually glad to be able to wear tights!

Red high heeled bootsHmm, I’ve just realised that the last time I saved these boots I also wore a navy dress with them: I’ll have to see if I can put together some different looks for these!


  • I can’t believe that dress was meant for a tall gal… But, I think it looks fantastic! I am a total sucker for navy polka dot dresses. (I think I own two at the moment.) I love it with the red shoe, and now I think one of mine might be showing up in a shoe save soon. 😉

      • No… it was designed to barely cover tall girls. So it’s still incredibly short on you.

        I sincerely hope that this isn’t too demanding, but may I ask that you please not put suggestive titles on your blog posts? I’m still in high school, and my dad has software that monitors what I do on my computer. I appreciate the pun, but I highly doubt my dad will.

        • Hi Sonya,

          I’m really sorry you were troubled by the title. It’s actually spelt differently here from how it would be written normally, so I wouldn’t have thought it would have triggered any filters – or that, if it did, the person would look at the site and be able to see instantly that this is just a shoe blog, with a mildly suggestive pun in one post title, and not something dodgy.

          Because all of my sites are aimed at adults, I’m afraid I can’t promise that the content will always meet your dad’s standards for what you should be looking at. Perhaps if you’re worried about it, you could let your dad take a look at the site to reassure himself that it is, in fact, about shoes?

  • Lovely boots and dress! I can’t believe how short dresses are these days! (That makes me sound old – but I’m sure it hasn’t always been like this!) I think that’s one reason why I like 50s reproduction dresses, as they tend to be a bit longer. Anyway, this dress does look to be a good length on you. Unfortunately I’m a couple of inches taller than you, so I think there’s little hope for me in finding suitable length dresses at most stores…

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