Shoe Save # 42/75: Colourblocking, Take 2

Style blogger in blue pencil skirt and green top

SHOES: Nude Primark peep toes
SAVED: Thursday, August 25th, 2011
SIDEKICKS: Topshop skirt, Dorothy Perkins top, New Look bangles, eBay clutch, vintage brooch (my grandmother’s)

Seeing as you didn’t all run off screaming in horror at my last attempt at colourblocking (You can make me a very happy Shoeperhero, by the way, by voting for that outfit in the River Island Style Insider Competition, here: all you have to do is click the “like” button next to the photo!), I’m dipping my peep-toes into the multicoloured waters once more. I told you there would be no stopping me.

I’m still playing it safe, though: these are the same colours I used in my last colourblocking outfit, just with a different silhouette. I actually really wanted to wear a mustard coloured top with this skirt, but… I didn’t have one. I could’ve gone for my mustard shoes instead, and I probably will at some point, but I still have almost six months in which to save those particular shoes, and probably only another couple of weeks to get through the rest of my peep toes, so I decided to go with these ones, instead:

(This is one of the more frustrating aspects of the Shoe Challenge: quite often there’s another shoe that would work better with the outfit, but it’s not the one that needs saving!)

These shoes are from Primark, but I actually got them on eBay. Don’t worry, it wasn’t one of those “paying three times the retail price for Primark” things that so often happens on eBay: I cunningly bought them last December, when the rest of the UK was obsessed with buying boots, so they were even more of a bargain than they would’ve been in-store. I’ve actually been wearing them fairly often, but not photographing them: I should really stop doing that, shouldn’t I?

This skirt is the twin of this one: I’ve always thought that when you find something you love, you should buy one in every colour, if you possibly can. I didn’t buy the black version, because I’m all stocked up on black pencil skirts, so I guess I should be grateful Topshop didn’t have any more of these, if only for the sake of my bank balance!

The bag was also an eBay purchase. I actually thought it was going to be a little bigger than it is (my fault, not the seller’s: she’d listed the measurements, but I was too lazy to check), but it only cost me about £2 or something, so I’m not too bothered. I’m really loving clutch bags for daytime at the moment: very Sex and the City! (I know, I’m a cliché, I can’t help it…) I found the bangles in my jewellery box when I was rummaging around for the brooch (which belonged to my grandmother): I’d completely forgotten I had them, but they matched the colours of the skirt and top so closely that they helped tie everything together. I quickly realised exactly why I’d forgotten I had them when I sat down to type, though: those bangles clinking against the keyboard constantly drove me crazy, which is why they’re up by my elbow in some of these shots (and spent a good part of the day sitting on my desk!).

Ever since I learned how to use my hair donut, I’ve been wearing my hair like this almost all the time. I won’t stop, and you can’t make me.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  • I’m in love with this outfit, the colours are perfect together!
    And may I ask: how many skirts/dresses do you have??? I’d love to see your closet someday! 🙂

    • Oh, gosh, I’ve no idea! I only ever have access to half of my clothes at a time because I don’t have enough space to have all of the summer and winter stuff out all the time, so I’ve never counted! I think you’d be disappointed by my closet, though – our house is tiny, so everything is crammed in anywhere it’ll fit: I dream of having a walk-in closet one day 🙂

  • I so agree with your comment about having to save shoes instead of wearing the ones that go perfect with the outfit. I feel that way often when I am deciding what to wear. 🙂 I still think that this is such a great exercise, and keeps me from letting some shoes wallow in the darkness and dust bunnies that is the back of my closet.

    • I think it would totally depend on the shoe and the person wearing it… These are OK on me (although stilettos aren’t really designed for “comfort”!) but I couldn’t say all of their shoes would be the same because I only have limited experience of them. My experience is that most brands have some styles that are more comfortable than others 🙂

  • Beautiful outfit and very sweet shoes! The clutch is also nice, you totally rocked the colorblocking trend! I loved the brooch, I’m a brooch-fan! When I saw the outfit, I thought the mustard shoes would have been perfect to it, but I agree with you – right now, saving peep toes is important! Guess what, I wore boots today (I just wanted to wear them in September, but the day required it…) It’s the end of the summer – the one that never showed up this year!

  • You look fantastic! Once more you rocked the colorblocking trend and I really liked the addition of the yellow clutch, bangles and brooch. They add so much to the outfit.
    I did a bit colorblocking myself, a few days ago, but I combined green/red and blue.

  • I love this outfit! You look super smart. Although I now feel very depressed about the state of my own wardrobe (or floordrobe, as the case may be)… 🙁

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