New Shoes! Ted Baker ‘Keanah’ pink bow court shoes

Well, I totally failed in my mission to save another pair of shoes on Friday night. And I would’ve done it, too – I did actually wear a pair of shoes which haven’t been officially “saved” yet, but as usual, I was running late, and I didn’t have time to photograph them, so it was close, but no cigar.

To make up for it, here’s a quick look at my new beauties: because yes, I reward myself for not saving existing shoes by… buying brand new shoes. Don’t follow my lead in this, Challengettes, you’ll only make it harder on yourselves.

So, these are Ted Baker’s ‘Keanah’ peep toes, which I declared to be Shoe Kryptonite back in February, and indeed, that turned out to be the case, because when I noticed a couple of sizes starting to sell out at ASOS, I found myself powerless to resist them any longer. And I’m not sorry, either.

There now follows a veritable photo extravaganza, in which I show you these shoes from every possible angle. I also take close-up photos of my feet, which may be disturbing for some of you: don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Do you think I took enough photos?


  • Oh they are gorgeous and look fab on you!

    I must admire from afar as having ‘made life harder on myself’ challenge-wise not once but four times already since Feb 14 I’m on a total ban as my bank balance has taken a walloping. I always wonder how you stay so strong when you spend your days looking at shoes? You are definitely made of sterner stuff than I am for sure.

    • Seriously, it’s so, so hard! These blogs definitely aren’t good for my bank balance, because it’s not like I can just not look at shoes for a few weeks – I’m sure I’ve bought much, much more than would otherwise have been the case: pretty sure my husband and bank manager both rue the day I decided to write about fashion for a living!

  • Fantastic shoes and I’m sure your feet don’t disturb anybody here, they are beautiful! (Nice nail polish color as well… I would love to wear it, but I don’t know why, I tend to wear nude). Why not buying more shoes, go ahead! You’ll save them all, I’m sure, and these shoes now are so gorgeous, red, with a bow, perfect for summer! Congratulations!
    P.S. – Take care – the feet and legs’ photo can land on eBay like the other time!

    • Well, I did donate a pair to my mum recently so the total hasn’t gone up, but no, that’s not one of the rules of the challenge, it was just something I did for a little while last year because I had a lot of older pairs of shoes I knew I wouldn’t wear…

  • I think the color looks way better here. I saw them on asos and the red looked more like a burgundy. They look very nice on you. Is the bow true red?

  • Jealous! I have resisted buying these (with great difficulty) due to thinking realistically about how I know I wouldn’t get much wear out of them… I look forward to seeing them in your shoe challenge!

  • Alright, now I’m in love with these!
    I was going through your list the other day (showing my boyfriend which shoes I like for my birthday.. I shouldn’t hold my breath though – doubt I’ll get three pairs of Louboutins for my birthday!) and I must say, I didn’t fall for them one bit.
    Alas now I find myself on ASOS adding them to my basket.. Darn you Shoeperwoman!

  • I bought these too! (Well, rather, I got my sister in the UK to search for them and get them for me). They’re so pretty – I just love the contrasting colours. I hope we’ll get to see how you wear them in the shoe challenge soon!

    • When this post came up I knew I’d seen them somewhere Sara, so went back through your posts and there they were! They seem to be following me around the blogs I read. I think I should take it as a sign….

  • So gorgeous! And like you said in your kryptonite post, there really is no reason to list all the reasons they are amazing. They just ARE. But if I had to list just one reason, I’d say the bigness of the bow with the flappy bow parts being so open (don’t you love my technical jargon?)

    • Haha, yes exactly! When I got them, I tried to explain it to Terry in more or less the same very technical jargon: if it was an ordinary bow it wouldn’t be nearly as special but the, er, “puffiness” of it sets it apart 🙂

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