Shoe Review: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon bow shoes

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon bow shoes in pink and blue

pink jelly shoe with blue bow

pink Lady Dragon shoes with blue bow

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon bow court shoes, £138.99

I really thought my Lady Dragon collection was complete.

Don’t get me wrong: I still love the shoes. But even I have to admit that a girl can only use so many pairs of heart-front shoes, and I was pretty sure my limit had been reached.

Then they released the bow version.

Well, as soon as I saw the shape of that cute little puffed-up bow, I knew I was a gonner. And when the pink and blue version of these shoes came into stock at Spartoo, who generously provided me with some store credit to spend on them, it seemed pointless to resist. The shoes arrived last week, and the first surprise was the re-vamped box:

vivienne westwood shoe boox

It’s the same design as the older versions, but in a pretty pale blue, rather than the royal blue they’ve used before. It’s a small detail, but I like it. I liked what was inside even more, though, because when you open up the box, you’re immediately hit with the distinctive bubblegum scent of these shoes. I know not everyone likes it, but I love it, and always feel a bit sad when it starts to wear off. (The scent is actually still detectable, even on my oldest pair of these shoes, but you have to get close to them to smell it. When they’re brand new, you only have to be in the same room as them to get a hit of “bubblegum”…)

The shoes inside were just as sweet as the scent. Every time I get another pair of Lady Dragons I instantly declare them to be my favourites: this time was no exception, and while I think the ‘Cherries’ version will always be my absolute favourites, these have definitely gone into second place. As much as I love the hearts, I think the bow looks nicer on the foot, and has less of a “cartoonish” element to it, which will make them a little easier to style. I also really like the pale pink colour, which is close enough to skin toned on me to make it work with everything.

As for the sizing: as some of you know, I’ve always found the Lady Dragon sizing to be a bit of a mystery. With the first few releases of this style, I found the shoes to run large, and always had to size down in order for them to fit. A couple of seasons ago, however, the sizing changed, and suddenly my “usual” Lady Dragon size (i.e one size down from my regular size in other brands) was too small. The size up, meanwhile, was just a little bit bigger than I would have liked it to be: it wasn’t big enough to stop me wearing the shoes I bought in that size, or to make them uncomfortable, but it wasn’t perfect, and that was enough to stop me buying any more… until now.

With this release, I’m happy to say that I think they’ve finally got it right. After a lot of deliberation, I ordered these shoes in my usual size 4, and  the fit is perfect. AT LAST. That being the case, I couldn’t be happier with my new shoes: or rather, I COULD… but only if the weather would warm up enough to let me actually wear them!

Lady Dragon shoes with blue bow and pink upper



  • :O

    I’m am sooooo ENVIOUS! I fell in love with the entire collection the moment I laid eyes on them (which was probably on this very blog, come to think of it) & have been determined ever since to get at least two of them…. once I got around to being able to afford at least one, to start of with 😛

    Well, congratulations, & may you two (three?) have many happy moments together 😀

  • Those are great! I love the pale pink! I have the lady dragon with the cherries too (but my shoe is green) and they are my all time favorite shoe ever. I’m also waiting for warmer weather so I can wear more open toed heels.

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