Zara colourblock ankle strap sandals

Zara colourblocked ankle strap sandals in green and blue

green and blue sandals from Zara


coral colourblock sandals

Zara ankle-strap sandals, £49.99

One of Zara’s most popular shoes of 2012 is back for the new season: and it’s had a bit of a makeover, too.

If you read any fashion blogs at, these shoes will probably be instantly recognisable to you. Last year’s version seemed to be everywhere at once, and with good reason: they were definitely one of the nicer takes on the colourblock trend, with a simple shape and stand-out colours. This year’s shoe isn’t exactly the same: the shape of the vamp is different, and rather than using large blocks of colour, these have a crosshatch pattern on the front, with a peep toe rather than a totally open toe. The colourways, however, are unchanged: there’s a green/blue version, and a coral/tan, both retailing for £49.99.

I think I like these even more than than their predecessors: I prefer a peep toe to a single-strap shoe, and the pattern on the upper seems less “trendy” to me, somehow. Will they be as popular as their older sisters? Only time will tell, but if you want to get in before everyone else does, you might want to act fast. These are currently available in UK sizes 2-9, but who knows how long they’ll be in stock!

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  • I just saw these in my local Zara this afternoon! I absolutely love them, a lot better than last year’s version. I actually thought they had a ‘art deco’ vibe.

  • I only mildly liked last years version. I thought they were a nice classy shoe but not quite me. These, though, are another matter entirely. I think they’re absolutely gorgeous, in both colourways (though if I HAD to pick I’d go blue!) I really can’t spend any more on shoes this month as all our spare cash is going into the house at the mo, so I fear ill spend eternity cursing the cheeky blighted on eBay flogging them for £70 a pair!

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