Irregular Choice blue Antique Rose heels with sequins

Erin bought herself a pair of these Irregular Choice shoes while she was in the UK last month, and I’m totally envious, because I think these are absolutely gorgeous! That extravagant, sequined flower on the front is the obvious talking point here, but I also really love the colour of these shoes. There’s something very decadent about them, too, which is Irregular Choice at its very best.

These are currently down to £40 in the Schuh sale, but they’re low in stock, so if you want to grab a pair, you might want to do it fast…


  • Eeek – I knew I should never have started following your blog (love it btw!) I was completely drawn to these gorgeous *gorgeous* shoes but as a rule Schuh NEVER stock my size in shoes I like. I’ve always wanted a pair of Irregular Choice shoes though, but usually it’s too much for my purse to handle (or again, my size isn’t stocked), so I couldn’t stop myself from clicking the link just to peek …

    THEY HAD MY SIZE!!! There’s only size 6 left! This NEVER happens!

    I had to go buy them. I blame you entirely.


    • When I realised that I caved and tried to place an order. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for my bank balance), the site fell over during checkout. Oh well, I didn’t really have anywhere to wear them anyway…

  • I own these! 😀 I bought them from Schuh in Lakeside and with student discount got them for £36.00!

    So so happy! They are adorning my feet right now!

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