Rupert Sanderson ‘Joan’ Blue Cage Front Leather Sandals

sky blue rupert sanderson sandals

Rupert Sanderson ‘Joan’ Blue Cage Front Leather Sandals, $755

Sky blue: the colour of sunny days, summer holidays… and these Rupert Sanderson ‘Joan’ sandals.

This is a relatively straightforward cage sandal: a summer classic, livened up with that lovely blue upper. We’re more used to seeing this kind of style in tan or white, both of which work wonderfully well for summer, but this blue makes for a nice change, and I think it would look fantastic with white, almost like the outfit equivalent of Santorini. That – or any other Greek island, come to think  of it – was what I had in mind when I put this outfit together: the blue is a little less vibrant than the ones you see on those pretty little blue and white houses, but it’ll still look fresh and summery, with the colour matching the blue accents in the dress perfectly.

sky blue sandals

What to wear with sky blue sandals:

dress // sunglasses // clutch bag // bracelet

This mini-dress is quite a bit shorter than I’d usually wear, and on the rare occasion I do go for a shorter hem, as opposed to my usual knee-length or midis, I usually stick to flats rather than heels. This is the kind of dress I can imagine wearing on a summer vacation, though, and for some reason I often think I can get away with things on holiday that I probably wouldn’t try at home (especially if I’m visiting somewhere hot: beach resorts tend to have an “anything goes” vibe about them, and when people are wandering around in short-shorts or bathing suits, a mini dress will look positively conservative in comparison!), so I created this outfit with somewhere sunny in mind. Not that I don’t ALWAYS have somewhere sunny on my mind, of course…



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