Forever 21 nautical stripe wedges

nautical stripe wedges

Forever 21 nautical stripe wedges, $38

Nautical wedges: where would I be without them?

Well, I’m not sure where I would be, but I do know my shoe shelves would be looking a whole lot emptier: I rely on this style a little bit too much every summer, but considering how comfortable AND cute this style of wedge can be, can you really blame me?

These wedges are from Forever 21, and at just $38, they’re not exactly investment pieces, but they should see you through a couple of seasons at least. And the great thing about this kind of style is that it never seems to go OUT of style, so if you do manage to wear them out, there’s sure to be something similar to replace them!

What to wear with nautical stripe wedges?

One possible answer to this question would be, “Just about anything you’d find in ShoeperWoman’s wardrobe”. Another possible answer would be the outfit below:

what to wear with nautical wedges

What to wear with nautical wedges: 

jeans // top // hat // bag // bracelet

I really went to town on the nautical theme with this one, but I think the look is classic enough to not look too costumey. I found the tie-front shirt at Dorothy Perkins just yesterday, and immediately added it to my wish list: it’s exactly the kind of thing you can throw on  with jeans (or shorts, or capris, or skirts…) and create the kind of casual, retro-inspired look I love. These shoes are a black and white stripe, rather than navy and white, which I’d prefer: I wouldn’t normally wear navy and black together (It’s not that I think it CAN’T be done well, just a personal preference), but in this case I think the two colours are close enough for it not to matter, especially given that the shoes are as far from the top as you can get while still being part of the same outfit!



  • I really like the shoes, though I could do with a slightly smaller platform. If there was a Forever 21 store in Prague I’d surely buy them (I don’t have a pair of stripe wedges in my collection, I think). But I’m adding them to my summer wish list:)

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