Paul Andrew silver high heel evening sandals

Paul Andrew silver evening sandals

Paul Andrew silver high heel sandals, £510

This is one of those occasions where the shoes were picked to go with the outfit, rather than the other way around. Actually, that’s almost ALWAYS the way of it when it comes to strappy evening sandals, I find. As lovely as they are to look at, it’s rare for me to see a pair and think, “OMG, I must have those!” More usually, they’re purchased to wear with something else, or to a particular event, and their main role is to be the supporting act to whatever it is I’ve decided to wear with them.

That doesn’t mean the shoes themselves aren’t important: shoes are ALWAYS important in my life, which is why, rather than settling for any old pair of evening sandals to go with the shoes I’m about to show you, I’ve chosen these ones by Paul Andrew, which are gorgeous in their own right. These have an asymmetric strap over the foot, a very thin strap over the toe, and a high stiletto heel, balanced out by the small platform. They’re lovely shoes, but I think they’d be even lovelier worn with this dress:

what to wear with silver evening sandals

What to wear with silver evening sandals:

dress // shrug // bag // hair slide // nail polish 

This is from River Island (Who have some awesome stuff coming up this summer), and as soon as I saw it, I found myself wishing (and not for the first time, I might add…) for the kind of lifestyle that would necessitate the purchase of a sky blue prom dress, complete with “princess” style tulle skirt. Alas, nothing comes to mind, but if you do have a prom, or wedding coming up, I think this would be gorgeous: and at just £60, it could even make a nice, low-budget bridesmaid’s dress.


  • I just love that dress. The color is beautiful and I love the tulle skirt, just a shame that it’s strapless. (Of course I couldn’t even picture this dress with straps.) I never feel that secure in strapless, even though I’m on the flat side. But it does look quite “sturdy” so maybe this one would work well.

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