Aldo ‘Eggenberg’ orange peep toes

I tried these shoes on at least five times when I was on vacation last month (although in a gorgeous yellow colour which was in the sale, and doesn’t appear to be available online any more), and only the fact that I’d already pretty much maxed out my luggage allowance (and my bank account) stopped me buying them. It’s amazing what an apparently simple detail like the stand-up “collar” on the heel can do to make a simple peep toe look suddenly much more appealing! Add a stand-out colour like this orange, which is eye-catching, but still very wearable as it’s not too bright, and you have yourself a sinple pair of shoes which you’ll wear to death and cry over when they’re gone.

These are also available in grey, and are £70 at Aldo. Oh, and just in case you were having a case of shoe deja vu, yes, these are basically the peep-toe version of the Fawson courts I featured last year: I figured they merited a post of their own!


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