JustFab ‘Amena’ coral single strap sandals

coral high heeled sandals

JustFab ‘Amena’ sandals, £54.99

These JustFab sandals come in coral, gold and cobalt blue. I was initially going to feature the gold version, because I never seem to stop praising the versatility of gold shoes, but then I remembered that I could say more or less the same about coral. No, it’s not QUITE as versatile as a metallic, but you might just be surprised by how many colours it’ll work with. When I bought my coral Ted Baker peep toes a couple of years ago, I remember thinking I might not get much use out of them, but, much to my delight, I keep on finding items in my closet that contain exactly the same colour – or a contrasting colour which still looks good with them. If you see coral as basically just a muted version of red, then I guess that explains why I like it so much on shoes!

The colour isn’t the only reason I like these, though. That curved side is also pretty fantastic, and the simple strap is very of the moment: I don’t always find this style of shoe the most comfortable out there, but they DO look good, with an elegant simplicity that I really admire.

One more reason why I’m showing you these right now: they go so well with this skirt:

what to wear with coral shoes

What to wear with coral shoes:

skirt // top // bag // belt

Yes, those are flamingos on the front. If I’d found it in time, I’d definitely have paired this with the Office ‘Flamingo’ platforms from last week (Some would argue that would be too many flamingos in one outfit: my response would be that there’s no such thing!), but they work with these too. This outfit is the epitome of ShoeperWoman style: full skirt, cropped top, clutch bag, heels… I just wish I could afford to actually wear it for real!


  • I really like the curved side of the shoes and I love that skirt. Shame it’s so expensive. (And I like your styling of the skirt much more than the way they styled it on their site, the white top they chose sort of washes out the skirt.) No such things as too many flamingos:)))

  • I thought these were shorts when I first looked at them, & going back to the Avenue 32 page confirmed that these are indeed “skorts”. Definitely nicer as a skirt than skorts 😀

  • Whilst I love the coral, I am not a fan of that shape. It’s like the shoe can’t decide how strappy it should be, and it’s a bad combination of full shoe and sandal.

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