River Island pink pumps with studded platform

Pink high heels with studded platform

The Kirkwood-esque style of the platform on these shoes may not endear them to some of you, but it was the very thing that attracted me to them when they popped up on the River Island website last week. Without the studs, these would’ve veered dangerously close to “Barbie” territory: with them… well, actually, there’s still pretty close to “Barbie” territory, aren’t they? They’re in the same county, at the very least, and possibly even in the same town. If that bothers you, however, there’s also a dark green, croc-effect version (I know: green shoes which HAVEN’T been featured here! They actually look more black than green to me, though, so there’s why).

While we’re on the subject of River Island and pink, by the way, look at this:

River Island pink shift dressI know, it’s not a shoe, which makes this a totally gratuitous addition to this post, but I love it. Sadly, I can’t wear this shade of pink because it looks horrendous on me, but there is also a black version. Which, just to bring this back on topic (vaguely) would look great with the pink shoes. Or, you know, ANY shoes….


  • That dress is adorable (the bows, aah!) and needs to be bought by me 🙂 I just hope it will become available somewhere like Asos which has international shipping…

    The shoes are lovely too. I’m always looking for a pair of shoes in the perfect shade of pink, and these come close!

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