Wanted ‘Paraso’s shoes with embellised heel

Before we go any further here, I should probably make it clear that “Wanted” is the name of the brand that makes these shoes, not necessarily a comment on how I feel about them. In fact, not AT ALL a comment on how I feel about them, because I don’t think I DO want them. I think they look a bit like they’re wearing a little hat. Not just any old hat, either: one of those old-fashioned bathing caps, with all the flowers attached to them. Hmm.

Of course, now that I’ve allowed that image to creep into my head, I just can’t get rid of it. If you can, and you think these are the best things you’ve seen all week, head over to Westfield Fashion, where you can buy them for $299.


  • Oh dear: at first I thought “Wanted” in the headline of a Fashion Police story meant “wanted for questioning” rather than denoting an object of desire, and now a brand name comes along that’ll keep me permanently confused…

  • Basically, I love everything about this shoe besides the “bathing cap”-type embellishments. This shoes WITHOUT all that heel nonsense would be AWESOME 🙂
    .-= S.´s last blog ..… of the week. =-.

  • I think these shoes are nice to look at by themselves, but maybe not with a pair of feet in them.

    In anycase, I live in Sydney and have actually tried the shoes. They are to be found in a shoe selling chain store called wanted, but are actually made by a brand called Siren. 🙂 just a note for anyone interested.

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