Hoss Intropia red three-buckle pumps

Hoss Intropia red pumps

I don’t normally buy shoes which have more than one buckle on them: not because I don’t like the look of them, but because, well, I can be pretty lazy. I hate fiddling around doing up lots of little buckles… and then undoing them all again when I want to take the shoes off. Yes, it’s definitely a first world problem, but it does mean that I tend to stick to shoes with one buckle, or none at all.

I would be willing to make an exception for these Hoss Inrtopia pumps, though. They look like they’re  just begging to be described as “sexy”, so allow me to oblige them: shoes, you’re sexy. And also rather interesting, with that curvy heel of yours:

Hoss Intropia multi-buckle pumps

The heel is another detail I wouldn’t normally go for (as is the ankle strap, come to think of it), but I think it works in this case, being unusual, without being totally outlandish:

And also being shiny. Gotta love the shiny…

These are £280 at ShoeScribe: click here to buy them.



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