Neon crossover platform sandals from River Island

River Island fluorescent shoes

Unlike some other shoes trends which I’ve dismissed out of hand, and then gradually been won over by (Yes, pointed toes, I AM looking at you…), I don’t think I’ll ever get fully on board with the fluorescent colours that are everywhere right now. I can, however, deal with them in very small doses, with these River Island sandals representing the outer limit of my tolerance for neon.

I wouldn’t just “tolerate” these shoes, though: I actually really like them, and think the addition of the neon heel and strap is a good one in this case – imagine how much duller these shoes would be without it!

I also like the contrast of leather and suede, which is something that almost always appeals to me. My only issue with these? That dirty mark on the platform of the shoe on the left: once you see it, it becomes ALL you can see…

[Click here to buy them for £65 at River Island]


  • This is too much for me to wear but I do get it’s better than some, if you venture into Aldo at the moment you will literally be assaulted with some of the brights in there. I just cannot imagine anyone wanting to wear them!

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