Blink teal patent bow platform shoes

green patent shoes

I have to once again apologise, folks: this is one of those posts where I show you shoes, and then tell you they’re sold out and you can’t have them. Well, not unless you’re a UK size 6, that is. If you are, you can still grab a pair of Blink’s green patent platforms at, where they’re £44.95. If you’re NOT a UK 6, however, I’m afraid I’m just going to (possibly) rub salt in the wound by showing you how cute they look on a foot:

Blink bow pumps

I’m in love with the shape of the bow on these, and I also like the heel: I have a pair of nude platforms with a heel like this, and as well as being pretty to look at, it also stands up well the chips and other marks that a leather-covered heel can pick up, so it gets the thumbs up for that reason, too.

Like them? Wear a size 6? Click here to buy them at Nelly.


  • I dont think I can ever get on board with teal. To me it’s just a color that couldnt decide between green and blue and got muddy in the process. Even though I could rarely see any wrong in KMid’s sartorial choices, during her last gala outing I kept wishing that her dress was any other color – even though she looked amazing.

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