Dorothy Perkins Multi Coloured Floral ‘Corinna’ Court Shoes

Dorothy Perkins Multi Coloured Floral 'Corinna' Court Shoes

Dorothy Perkins Multi Coloured Floral ‘Corinna’ Court Shoes

The shape of these shoes is one that strikes me as just a little bit old fashioned: that platform sole and large peep toe is just a little bit ‘2010’ for my current tastes, but I’m willing to overlook that for the sake for the floral print upper. Yes, I know florals in spring are a total cliche, and that you’re not supposed to mention them without quoting THAT line from The Devil Wears Prada, but let’s be honest: they’re popular because they look good – and who’s seriously going to claim they’re way too cool to wear them, just because they’re so ubiquitous?

I love pretty much everything about spring: it’s my favourite season by far, and I love to reflect that in my wardrobe, by going for lighter, brighter colours than I wear during the colder months of the year – and that includes as many floral print pieces as I can get my hands on! In fact, while I was looking at these shoes on the Dorothy Perkins website, I couldn’t help but notice the skirt the model was wearing with them:

floral print prom skirt

Dorothy Perkins Luxe floral print prom skirt

This is absolutely gorgeous (Although, of course, I WOULD say that, wouldn’t I? I rarely meet a prom skirt I don’t like!), and although it wouldn’t normally occur to me to wear floral print shoes with a floral print skirt – that’s just a little too matchy-matchy, even for me! – I actually think it works surprisingly well, here, so it could be worth giving it a go, if you’ve secretly always wanted to wear head-to-toe florals. I think the skirt would make perfect wedding guest attire, maybe paired with some kind of lace top, and a cute cardi – oh, and not forgetting those pretty floral print shoes, obviously!

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