Public Desire red bow sandals

Public Desire red bow sandals

Public Desire red bow sandals

Public Desire is a brand that’s been crossing my radar fairly frequently, lately: the prices are super-affordable (These red sandals, for instance, are only £29.99), and while I’ve no idea what the quality will be like, for that price, I’m definitely interested in finding out. So far, I know the shoes LOOK good: these red strappy sandals are right up my street, with their three knotted bows on the front, and ASOS also stock a nice range of other shoes and boots – OK, most of them are of the high-heeled sandal variety, and some have a worrying use of perspex (Not that perspex on shoes can never work, you understand, it’s just really hard to get right, and it can look cheap at the best of times!), but they’re definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a low-cost pair of heels for your next night out.

Speaking of ASOS, I also like these:

ASOS PAll Mall heels

ASOS Pall Mall embellished heels

ASOS actually describe these as “bridal” heels, but they don’t look overly bridal to me – or not other than in the sense that ANY dress shoe could be described as “bridal,” I guess – and why should brides get all the good shoes, anyway? Exactly. This is a shape ASOS have been doing a lot lately (In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you it before), but I’m sure no one’s going to complain: it’s a nice, contemporary spin on the point-toe court shoe, and that blocky heel should be easier to walk on than a stiletto, which is good news, too. I mostly love these for the heavily-embellished gold upper, though – it’s just so glam, but, despite all of the crystals and beads attached to it, it somehow manages to avoid being too OTT, either, which helps make the shoe a little more wearable.

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