Boden Angelica t-bar heels (plus more polka dot goodness)

Bodden Angelica t-bar heels

Boden Angelica t-bar heels

OK, I know this is the second pair of polka dot shoes I’ve shown you lately, but I make no apologies, because, a) they’re awesome, and b) they’re really just here as a thinly-veiled excuse for me to show you this skirt:

Boden Lola skirt

Boden Lola skirt

I want it so much, guys. And I really wish I knew what it was about clothes with polka dots on them that makes me always want to buy them, no matter how many near-identical versions I already own, but it happens every time, and I’ve long since given up trying to fight it. In my defence, I can tell just by looking at this skirt that I’d wear it pretty much until it fell apart – and I’d probably wear the stripe bardot top shown here, too – so that would make it a really good investment, no? No?

OK, well, speaking of bardot tops, I also love the one on this dress:

Boden Hazel dress

Boden Hazel ponte dress

Actually, I love everything about this dress – a fact I’m sure will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me! I particularly like the fact that it’s made from a ponte fabric, which should make it really easy to wear and care for: one of my pet hates is creases in clothes, and while you can never totally avoid them, I find ponte fabric much more crease-resistant than some others, so it’s a good start.

Back to the shoes, though: these actually come in quite a few different colours, and I really like the pointed toe and t-bar shape, as well as the polka print. I actually have a very similar pair (also Boden, and also polka dot), which I wore a few days ago, and they never fail to attract compliments: I’m sure these would be no different!

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